Saturday, February 5, 2011

jack Kerouac | The Northport Haiku

 Close your eyes -
  Landlord knocking
 On the back door.
 A quiet Autumn night
   and these fools
 Are starting to argue
 Lonely brickwalls in Detroit
      Sunday afternoon
         piss call
   O for Vermont again -
 The barn on an Autumn night
       Fiddlydee! -
       Another day,
 Another something-or-other!
  Whatever it is, I quit
    -now I'll let my
       breath out -
How many cats they need
      around here
     For any orgy?
    Tonight I'll lower
       my tail --
I've seen them around town
    In Haikkaido a cat
       has no luck
     Every cat in Kyoto
   can see through the fog.
  The birds start singing
but he is in the cat meadows
  I'll climb up a tree
and scratch Katapatafataya
     If I go out now,
         my paws
       will get wet
    A car is coming but
      the cat knows
     It's not a snake
   In London-town cats
        can sleep
 In the butcher's doorway.
  I should have scratched
     that spot before
    I started to sleep
     Haiku my eyes!
  my mother is calling!

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